PEAP  Plasma  Advantages

Plasma Energy Group’s patented PEAP Plasma process provides superior pyrolysis/gasification and waste disposal capabilities, safe environmental attributes, and low operating costs.  Plasma Energy Group is unaware of any other product or technology on the market today that provides comparable breadth of results.


  •       Modular and Adaptable Machines - The Plasma Energy Group’s PEAP plasma process unit is symmetrically designed to allow for interchangeable components and sub-assemblies.  Consequently, efficient upgrades and system modifications are easily implemented as volume of feed stock increases over time.  The standard design is scalable from a single Plasma chamber to multiple chambers

  •        Cost Effective – In additional to a very low capital cost, compared to others, the Plasma Energy Group’s PEAP plasma process uses little utility services; electricity consumption is low; water use is minimal; and, sewer costs are also minimal.

  •       Volume and Weight Reduction - Utilizing the Company’s proprietary technology reduces both the volume and weight (greater than 90%) of the processed feed stock.

  •        Proven Technology - Four independent labs have performed environmental testing of the Plasma Energy Group’s PEAP process with results greatly exceeding the latest requirements as dictated by the EPA and Department of Health (DOH). 

  •       Universal Application, Non-Segregation of Waste – The Plasma Energy Group’s PEAP plasma system is capable of handling virtually any waste stream or feed stock.

  •       Safety  - Simplicity of Use  - The Company’s system was also built with safety in mind.  An operator has only an ON and OFF button for control, this feature reduces potential human errors and labor costs.

  •      Reusable Byproducts - Non-Toxic/Non-Hazardous Byproducts - Most byproducts from the Plasma Energy Group’s PEAP plasma system are in their most elemental form, such as carbon black.

  •       Energy Generator - Heat RecoverySynthetic Fuel Gas- The Plasma Energy Group’s PEAP plasma process has the ability to capture both heat and synthetic fuel gas for reuse when the customer has a use for either or both, and this feature may be added to a system when a future need might arise.