Founder and President

Murry A. Vance

Prior to Founding PEG, Mr. Vance was a fore runner in the development of LED lighting for commercial use in the US, he was the Founder and President of LED Lighting of America and LED Lighting Technologies Group, LLC. Both these LED companies were sold to allow for complete dedication to PEG. Prior to the LED companies Mr. Vance was Founder, President, and Chairman of the Board for Arc Technologies Group, Inc. and Bio Arc, Inc., companies that were the forerunners and developed the first of an innovative high-tech environmentally safe plasma waste disposal system for on site disposal.

Founding Arc Technologies Group, Inc. (Vance IDS, Inc.) in 1992, Mr. Murry Vance built Arc Tech from a small organization to a rapidly growing firm with a unique patented product and strong strategic alliances. In this regard, he was instrumental in the design and development of the incandescent disposal system, subsequently building a working test unit, which passed EPA testing requirements and validated initial patent claims..

His professional career began in Kansas City, Missouri at the Dart Truck Division of Pacific Car & Foundry (PACCAR), where he worked from 1978 to 1980. The Dart division designed and manufactured large mining equipment. In 1980, when this product line was dropped from PACCAR to focus on assembly-line type products, Mr. Vance formed National Chassis Corporation and National Refuelers, Inc. to continue the development of the truck chassis product line.
National Chassis Corporation designed and manufactured six different truck chassis for Exxon USA. National Refuelers, purchased and remanufactured used aviation refueling equipment for resale worldwide. Mr. Vance sold the companies in 1983.

Mr. Vance attended Memphis State University from 1971 to 1974, where he initially studied business, accounting, and engineering. In 1974, he moved to the University of Missouri at Kansas City where he studied physics and chemistry until 1978. During his career Mr. Vance has been awarded 27 U.S. and International patents; 26 utility and 1 design  

Senior VP of Products:

William E. Drewery

Mr. Drewery currently serves as the Senior VP of Sales for Plasma Energy Group, LLC. And is on assignment to Aramco Saudi Arabia developing energy production utility infrastructure. Prior to his involvement with Plasma Energy Group, LLC, Mr. Drewery was Manager/Director at several high profile companies, including Veolia Energy North America, Constellation Energy, Duke Solutions and Entergy.

Mr. Drewery has more than thirty years of energy services experience with large institutional customers. He is responsible for development and management of renewable, energy efficiency and outsourcing of utility infrastructure projects in the industrial and commercial markets. While at Veolia Energy, Constellation and Entergy Services he developed over $150 million worth of successful projects and businesses. He has solved numerous energy- and HVAC-related problems through outsourcing and shared savings programs. He has significant experience in the engineering and operation of renewable, fossil and nuclear power plants. With PEG he is currently developing strategic relationships with engineering and consulting firms to promote PEG’s technology. He is responsible for the Southeast Region and oversees the initial sales process, evaluation, implementation and overall project success with customers.

Mr. Drewery has an MBA from Loyola University and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute.

Mr. Drewery is a member of the International District Energy Association, Electric Power Research Institute and the Association of Energy Engineers. In addition, he has published papers including “Outsourcing Utilities: The Value Proposition” and has served on various boards of companies focused on environmentally friendly alternatives to current energy usage.


Secretary/Treasurer and CFO:

Stacy Y. Patrick, CPA

Ms Patrick currently serves as the CFO for Plasma Energy Group, LLC. Through the spring of 2006, Stacy Y. Patrick was a partner and shareholder in the Tampa Bay firm of Aidman, Piser & Company, P.A.  (Now known as Cherry Bekaert & Holland) She has more than thirty years of experience in accounting and auditing. She has a broad background in accounting and auditing for various industries, from small businesses to public companies.  Industry experience includes real estate, insurance, construction, manufacturing & distribution, research & development, financial services, technology and leisure time.  In addition to her audit practice responsibilities, she spent a significant amount of time assisting clients in various aspects of their businesses, ranging from accounting and systems consulting, development of business plans, financing packages, profit enhancement studies and IPO’s. 

Formerly, Ms. Patrick was affiliated with a national accounting firm as an audit manager.  In that capacity, upon invitation from the firm’s National Accounting and Auditing Department, Ms. Patrick wrote several accounting and auditing courses which she also presented nationally.  She teaches continuing education courses at the Corporate Training Center for Hillsborough Community College and is an FICPA qualified instructor for Ethics training.

Ms. Patrick graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Accounting in 1981.  She is a member of both the American and Florida Institutes of Certified Public Accountants.  Ms. Patrick is currently certified in Florida and Georgia, and was previously certified in Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, Missouri, California and Minnesota in connection with serving clients in those states.   

Ms. Patrick has several private equity investments and is closely involved in activities with regard to these investments including serving on the Boards of emerging research &  and development companies.  In addition, she is part-owner and actively participates in an accounting consulting practice.  Ms. Patrick is a member of several community service organizations and currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer for The Champions Fund, a not-for-profit organization that assists professional athletes in managing their foundations and charitable programs.


Senior VP of Technology Development: 

Dr. Anatoly Sobolevskiy, Ph.D.                      

Prior to joining PEG, Dr. Sobolevskiy was a Fellow Engineer at Siemens Energy, Inc. where he was responsible for development of novel post-combustion air pollution abatement systems for NOx, CO, and VOC reduction in the gas turbine exhaust for combined and simple cycle power plants. He developed new catalytic systems for emissions reduction in the high water and sulfur content environment for advanced hydrogen gas turbine program. Provided technical leadership in developing of novel SCR based catalysts for post combustion control of NOx emissions with negligible ammonia slip. At Siemens he provided technical guidance and support for Siemens activities in the area of combustion optimization, fuel delivery system performance, fuel analysis, etc. Conducted research in advanced gas turbine technology in the areas of combustion, Developed a new global reaction mechanism of partial oxidation of methane in the Siemens PG catalytic combustion process to achieve very low levels of NOx. He served as a lead emissions engineer conducted evaluation of existing and new methods of emission reduction in combustion processes and post combustion air pollution control devices, and prepare recommendations for their use. He was a member of Siemens PG Fuel Quality Team conducted evaluation and testing of different fuels for the dry low NOx combustors, participated in developing fuel specifications, analytical procedures, etc., served as a member of ASME Sub-committie 2 – Fuels and Environmental).

Prior to Siemens, Dr. Sobolevskiy was a Air Compliance Manager/ Engineer, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, where he was responsible for air compliance of stationary, area, and mobile sources in Air Resources Management, Central District, FDEP. Performed technical evaluation and inspection of air pollution abatement equipment and continuous emission monitoring systems in power generating industry to determine their compliance status with US EPA and State of Florida requirements. Reviewed applications for air permits, engineering design, facility records, and performed engineering calculations for the technical examination of data related to the emissions of air pollutants into the atmosphere. Supervised three compliance engineers.

Before relocating to the US, Dr. Sobolevskiy was the Chief Research Scientist, Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia. His determined directions of research and development in emission control technologies for coal fired power plants and internal combustion engines, including catalytic reduction systems to abate NOx emissions while burning solid fuels, natural gas and fuel oil. Studied the reaction phenomena in combustion chemistry. Responsibilities included field testing of post-combustion control systems in power generation applications, diesel and gasoline engines, and chemical manufacturing processes. Conducted research in physical chemistry of products derived from processes of gasification and liquefaction of solid fuels.

 Dr. Sobolevskiy began his scientific career as a Senior Research Scientist/ Engineer, Institute of Fossil Fuels, Moscow, Russia. Where he developed a manufacturing process and engineering design for zone purification of different classes of chemical substances. Investigated phase diagrams of aromatic compounds derived from high boiling point coal products in the range of 99.50 - 99.99 % of pure component. Where he was promoted to the Sector Manager of the Fuel Thermal Treatment Processes, Where he developed chemical-engineering principals of thermo-destruction of solid fuels in the presence hydro-aromatic components of solvent. Studied heat and mass transfer between gaseous and solid phases during coal destruction. Invented a new high speed process for gas and solvent destructive extraction of solids including coal, oil shale and petroleum residues under elevated pressure and temperature conditions. Developed a pilot manufacturing process for economic, high speed solvent extraction of coal and oil shale under high pressure (50 bar). Conducted investigation of the composition and structure of petroleum residues in the liquefaction processes, including the stage of waste product treatment. Supervised three Ph.D., four MS collaborators, engineers, and technicians.

Dr. Sobolevskiy’s teaching experience includes: Professor of Postgraduate Studies in the area of physical chemistry and fuel technology. Institute of Fossil Fuels, Moscow, Russia., and Professor of Chemistry, Teaching courses in General Chemistry at Valencia State College, Orlando Florida.
Over sixty Scientific Journal Articles and Reports. Holder of 10 patents and a winner of the Silver Medal of the USSR State Exhibition in 1986.
Siemens special performance awards in 2000, 2002, and 2007