Headquartered in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Plasma Energy Group, LLC was formed to fill the growing need for environmentally sound and cost effective energy generation and waste processing. The company provides an innovative, environmentally sound technology to convert waste and organics into usable energy, or destroy the waste through molecular reduction.  Plasma Energy’s patented Plasma Energy Arc Process (PEAP) physically alters the composition of waste, with limited air emissions, through a proprietary process utilizing electrical discharge into the waste stream that is trapped within a conductive plasma cloud.  The processing is achieved and controlled in an inert atmosphere process chamber.  The PEAP has been developed and marketed with the support of several national electric utility companies. The technology has proven to reduce the volume and weight of material processed above 90% with significant cost savings over other reduction processes, including incineration. 

 Plasma Energy offers commercial units for on-site utilization of the PEAP for the waste to energy market and waste destruction for most applications.  For each market the company offers complete development of a system for each specific use or application. With a background in manufacturing, new product development and assimilation, the technology was developed utilizing an adaptation of the 60-year old Tungsten Inert Gas welding technology, the process combined a plasma chamber with a plasma arc to physically alter the molecular structure of material regardless of form--without the harmful byproducts of combustion and threat to the environment.  The outcome was a non-hazardous residue that could potentially be reused for other products.  This resulted in the conception of the PEAP for which a patent application was filed in July 1992 and later issued in June of 1993.